Glowing With Gratitude

Dear tribe,

I write this sitting in my living room, surrounded by my husband and daughters. I imagine most of you reading this would be indoors, wherever you are in the world. Another year has been wrapped up, and what a year it has been. 2020 has totally shaken up the world we knew––it certainly has been a challenging year at Maisha HQ! I wanted to write this post not just to look back on the year, but to also give thanks to all that has happened, because each moment came with its own life lessons.

My uncle’s passing was a personal loss I struggled with, especially as it happened during the lockdown. It pained me that I could not be with family back home during that difficult time, but it reminded me of how precious life is. The lockdown made running a business more challenging than ever: we were unable to travel to the Maisha workshop in India; photoshoots of new collections had to be rethought; we were terrified that our Maisha pieces would not reach you through the erratic delivery services.

We really had to rethink how we operated as a small business, pivoting from what we knew and learning new ways of doing things! Throughout the year, one of my daily joys is to share pieces and projects over on Instagram which was really new to me. I am so pleased you enjoy them––watch out for lots more in the new year.

Glowing With Gratitude
The Haveli Collection was inspired by India’s breath-taking architecture, something I truly miss experiencing this year! Photo by Zerrin Studio.


In spite all that has happened, yes, I am thankful. Thankful for my immediate family, whom I can hold close to me as I grieve. Thankful for friends and business partners whom came together to breathe life into the Maisha collections this year. Thankful as well for the unending support of the Maisha community. Because of you, we were able to release our beautiful Haveli collection, The Saree Edit, and even launch our first ever Maisha Home collection!

saree edit

The Saree Edit was a small, personal tribute to my late mother, who lived her life to the fullest in her gorgeous sarees! It warms my heart to know a part of her legacy lives on through this Maisha collection––and in the beautiful women who wear them. From left to right: Faz Gaffa-Marsh, Anita Kapoor, me, Aarika Lee and Usha Joy. Photo by Sabrina Sikora.

I even managed personal milestones of my own this year. Together with my wonderful friend and fellow blogger Kanchan Koya (@chiefspicemama), I went through a 3-month wellness bootcamp that transformed a lot of my daily habits. I used the lockdown as motivation to be mindful of my body: that meant keeping my thoughts in check, watching what I ate, and reminding myself to move often. To anyone who has done something similar this year, keep up the good work! The rougher the year is on you, the kinder you need to be to yourself. Take a break, step back, reflect on your day––do whatever it takes to stay grounded in the present.

maisha home collection

The Maisha Home collection was a dream in the making, now a reality! As we spend more time indoors this year, I am thankful to offer some beauty in everyday living (also thankful for the multiple power naps I can take with it!!) Photo by Sabrina Sikora.

Above and beyond all this, I am so, so thankful that I wake up healthy and well, surrounded by those I love best. I am grateful for the opportunity to get up and create beautiful things and to have others enjoy them in their life, too.


Photo by Sabrina Sikora

I hope the new year brings you and your family blessings. Stay safe!

All my love,


January 12, 2021 — Rakhee Shah

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