Every action starts with a small gesture. With the help of those around us, the impact of our actions will amplify.

Maisha patterns and fabrics are under the care of family of artisans. They live in the village of Kaladera, Jaipur, where immediate family members and relatives work together to keep the workshop going. From preparing the raw cotton to hand-carving wood blocks; mixing paint and block-printing – everyone is part of the process.
We are humbled when we watch the artisans at work, how many hands come together to make an idea come to life. We try to give back in similar fashion: though we may be small, we do our best to make every action count. Through Maisha and its community, we are able to help our artisans expand their workshop, pay them fair wages, and improve their overall living conditions.

At Maisha, we stand firm to the following:

• Absolutely no child labour.
• Reasonable working hours, at all times.
• Reusable, recyclable packaging where possible.
• Small volume production, minimising wastage and overstocking.
• Full transparency on the who, how, where, and what that goes behind making Maisha clothing.

Giving life to every story, stitch and soul. That is Maisha.

Everything we do at Maisha begins and ends with our community. Our artisans have honed their craft for generations, passing knowledge down from one hand to another. With the onslaught of fast fashion, however, smaller printmakers are forced out of business and risk losing their livelihood.
That is why we are stepping on the brakes, slowing things down to fully appreciate the process of making and wearing clothes. We’re going back, always going back, to values of appreciating, creating preciousness in the materials and skills needed to make clothes that are noble and long-lasting.

In this world, we are all part of a global tribe.

Being alive in the same time and space means that our stories – yours and mine – are part of the same tapestry we call life. I am thankful to be connected to the artisans I work with, thankful for the pieces we bring to life together. Through Maisha, you too will be connected to their world of craftsmanship through each hand-printed textile, every hand-finished garment.
By supporting artisanal brands like Maisha, you are directly changing the lives of the artisans we work with. Your purchase means that their skills are valued, and that they have means to provide for their families through it.