A Maisha New Year – My 2019 resolutions

Each year, I like to set out a few goals for the year ahead. While I know it’s become almost unpopular to create resolutions, I still think there’s value in taking a moment to acknowledge what you’d like to achieve going forward. It’s always been my opinion that when you recognize your goals, write them down, and see them, you’re more likely to keep working towards them. 

This year, I have a few lifestyle changes that I want to make. Now, I don’t plan to make them all at once, instead I plan to slowly implement them throughout the year so that I am more likely to stick to those changes. It’s always great setting resolutions, however we have all been a little guilty of abandoning them, too.

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Goal #1: Wake up earlier!

I have always been an early riser or shall I say a ‘Morning Person’. But early mornings these days consist of making breakfast and getting the kids and myself ready for the day. There is no breather till you get to the office and before you know it, it feels like half the day is gone! Inspired by Robin Sharma and his 20 + 20 + 20 rule, I decided to commit to a new challenge. It has been 2 weeks so far, and my brain feels like it’s in full gear: I have more focus and stamina, while also feeling more relaxed and motivated all day long.

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Goal #2: Use Less Plastic!
Maisha is all about sustainable fashion, for a sustainable future! I want to push that even further this year, both in my household and with Maisha as a brand. We see news everyday on global warming and climate change––we need to believe that real change begins with each of us. My goal is to be more environmentally conscious, especially with the things I choose to buy and also from a work perspective. For inspiration and ideas, I follow Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home for tips and ideas towards ‘waste free living’.

move out of the zone


Goal #3: Get Out Of The Comfort Zone!
The size of your success is the size of your comfort zone; this is a quote I constantly see around me. My subconscious doesn’t like any change. It naturally tries to keep homeostasis status. Basically, my mind will find hundreds of reasons to convince me to not change anything! I recently spoke about this in my last entry: Follow Your Butterflies. Trying new things, meeting new people, and starting new projects are right up there on my list. It’s going to be scary at times, but I know as a fact, that place outside of our comfort zone is a place where real magic happens. Most of the achievements in my life have happened because I pushed myself to do something outside my norm (on rare occasions), or I was pushed to do that change!

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Goal #4: Be Kind, Be Kind.
I’m repeating this mantra to be kind to myself, because I know I’m my harshest critic and hardest hustler. We always take ourselves for granted and with the busy lives we all lead, we forget to do something just for us. I am the biggest culprit. Here is what I will practice daily:

  • Practice gratitude daily
  • Appreciate all the simple things in my life
  • Stop comparing myself to others
  • Accept my flaws
  • Care for my body, mind and soul
  • Allow myself to dream
  • Make more time for activities I enjoy

Something I can’t stop listening to these days is Natalie Norton’s podcasts.  I absolutely loved her series of your ‘Best Year Yet’ – she is truly INSPIRING. Have a listen, and I hope she’ll inspire you too!

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Goal #5: Adventure Is Out There!
I want to make 2019 a year of discovery and exploration. For me, that means embarking on more adventures, surrounding myself with positive people and connecting in real and meaningful ways. I want to learn a new skill or revive an old skill (still finalising that one) and experience self-growth like never before.

I’ll keep track of my progress on Instagram, so feel free to follow along. I’d love for you to share your resolutions and give me any ideas or tips for me to stick to mine. Stay strong, and let’s make 2019 our best year yet.


Stay blessed,

Rakhee x



February 02, 2019 — Rakhee Shah

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