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Have you ever had to step out of your comfort zone? It’s terrifying, isn’t it? You see the hazy future ahead of you and yet you step forward, butterflies dancing in your stomach the whole time. It’s a feeling from deep inside, when you know you’re about to do something your heart has led you to but your head is screaming oh-God-NO! That’s stepping out of the comfort zone for you.

But guess what? Those butterflies in your stomach? They lead you down the path you're meant for, and all I can say is — follow them! The butterflies are telling you that it’s a big, scary thing that you’re doing. But that’s exactly what you need right here, right now for self-discovery. You will be unexpectedly surprised and proud of yourself, trust me.

Those butterflies in your stomach lead you down the path you're meant for, and all I can say is — follow them! | ​Holi Scarf,​ ​Pichola Romper

This happened to me recently, when I was invited to speak on my very first podcast with The Indian Edit​. I was flattered! But I’ll admit, I had my doubts: ‘Why me? Who would be interested in my story?’. Apparently, more people than I thought! Till today I’m still constantly receiving messages from friends and strangers on how much they’ve enjoyed listening to me share my journey on air.

Here’s another chapter of butterflies: My family and I relocated to cosmopolitan Singapore-- ‘The City In The Garden’! Did you know that Singapore is one of the three surviving city-states in the world?There are only three in the world: Monaco, the Vatican City and Singapore! It's weird to think that they don't have a capital. I mean, it'd be pretty cool if Orchard Road became the capital...haha!

Touched base with the African community here in Singapore at the annual African Society Ball, held in collaboration with C​onservation International​ to raise awareness on projects across Southeast Asia.

Starting life all over and not knowing what to expect was a little scary! However, Singaporeans are extremely welcoming -- I love how they’ve embraced different cultures with full respect. I’ve had the fortune to get into the Singapore fashion scene on Sassy Mama, which you can read ​here​.

All in all, a positive mind and genuine friends make everything easier, don’t you think?

Heading back to one of my favourite places — magical India! | Freedom Shirtdress

It’s been such an exciting time, but I’m back into ‘my zone’ now, sans butterflies! This week I’m in Rajasthan again, working on our newest collection and travelling with my partner-in-crime, my dad. Now ​this​ is my comfort zone. I’ll share more of my adventures soon, but follow along the journey on ​Instagram​  as I share my favourite food, shopping haunts, workshop and the faces behind our beautiful designs and the processes involved.

Stay in touch, and do some crazy, out-of-your-comfort-zone things today. Or as I would put it ‘Follow your butterflies’!


Rakhee xxx



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